A website is almost always the most powerful tool that you can use for communicating with your followers.


Our experience in running one of the fastest growing music media websites in 2015, allows us to understand the intricacies of social media, content delivery, search engine optimisation, website design, data capture and emerging technologies that help you grow your brand organically.

Our Digital

Web Design

A website is almost always the most powerful tool that you can use for communicating with your followers. It is the flagship communications platform where new and loyal followers find your music, brand and ability to connect with your social media. Through usability best practices, innovative design, optimizing for mobile use, and creating multiple forms of engagement, we build dynamic websites that reinforce your brand or music.

Web Development

We use the latest technologies for web development and choose the right platform for your use depending on the scale of your project, budget and integration with existing systems. Front end: HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap Technologies: Microsoft ASP.NET, C Sharp, Umbraco, SQL Server, Web services, PHP, MySQL CMS: Umbraco, Wordpress, Drupal etc etc


Video is the lingua franca of the Internet, crucial to a well-rounded Internet strategy. A short video can tell a story that engages people in ways that words on a page can’t. Video allows for a creative mix of sights, sounds, animation and branding that can tell your story online and across social media. From initial script and storyboard to shooting and post-production editing and animation, we provide concept-to-completion video work for Web, advertising, events pre/post and communications. Decoded Creative has teamed up exclusively with Clubaholic, a leading video production service who have extensively worked with Funktion One, Space, History of House, Back 2 Basics and more to provide filming and post production services, including album releases, social media viral videos, event filming, documentaries and more.

Search Engine Optimisation

To drive more qualified traffic to your website from search engine results, we employ the link-building, keyword strategy, coding structure and development best practices that maximise SEO. We also help you improve SEO through tactical efforts like blogging, video and other tools that impact Google’s PageRank™ algorithm and the ranking systems of other search engines.

  • Decoded is our partner in editing and advise for all the PR work around Tom Hades and Enrico Sangiuliano. Great results ever since! Joost Veerman | Rhythm Collective

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